As a Certified Life coach In Wrexham North Wales I specialise in Beliefs that change old behaviour patterns by gaining a fresh new outlook on your own personal understanding. I am also a Law of attraction certified trainer using techniques and Officially Registered member of the American University of NLP (neuro-linguistic Programming, See bottom of the page for Link to registers List) 

 Your Mind ....Redesigned

   Fresh new ideas to bring you a fresh new perspective.   Using Positive thinking coupled with positive Action and understanding.. Setting your mind free from old and outdated beliefs .

Change the Belief ,You Change the outcome . 








Using your own mind you too can make changes that will be long lasting and worthwhile. Once changes have been made then you will also have the added benefit of increased confidence and a new ability to develop that you never knew you had.


 Self Directed Coaching SDC = Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  CBT

To put it simply Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is learning to use your mind to navigate any challenges that you have in life, the reason we use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (it's really a posh sounding name for self directed coaching ) is that it's more effective to have inner techniques that you have learnt at your disposal you need them to face any challenges that may arise in your life.

It's been proven many times that CBT or SDC works better on a variety of problems and has an equal success rate as Medication in long term problems but without the side effects traditionally associated with long term usage of medication**.

I work on the premise that all imbalances within people were once in balance and therefore we can return to that balance within if we have somehow deviated into an unbalanced state ,simple quick and an effective goal to have within oneself .

People have to choose for themselves as any outside force of change will only be temporary and at some point they will return to their previous condition ,whether that will be an addictive one ,a mental one or a character one 

" A person forced against their will ,keep the same opinions still "

Dale Carnegie


This site is dedicated to leading you to the path of your Authentic self...which in turn will help you discover the many treasures of the hidden parts of yourself you have yet to discover...! 

new You

Within this site you will find Simple and new born Ideas that have been developed over the years for specific changes in people's lives. Using your own mind you too can make changes that will be long lasting and worthwhile. Once changes have been made then you will also have the added benefit of increased confidence and a new ability to develop that you never knew you had, all this will be explained using simple ideas without confusing jargon and delivered using a simplistic approach.          


  The only thing you will need is a simple desire to progress and the basic truth is you already possess this desire as it is built into all living things, the only difference between us and all the other forms of life on earth is that we have the power of choice and the ability of imagination to create the life we choose....... If you take a quick peek at all the things around you, everything is growing in one form or another, every animal, insect, tree ,plant is in a state of motion we as humans are no different.  As people are responsible for our actions and that is a very powerful position to be in, it also means we are responsible for the direction, growth or retraction within our lives . Your mind is always doing something , its like a balloon if its not busy growing, learning, evolving then its busy retracting, forgetting, restricting. The mind does this only by the choices and commands it is given, It doesn't argue, it wont question it just follows orders .


Once  you become aware about how your mind uses its senses to focus on what we want and attaining the goals, situations, status, wealth and much more that you want out of life, which is not only achievable and do-able but also fun, being positive don't mean you have to be square just because things are going right for you and being positive doesn't mean you have to live the life of a monk and be a goody two shoes or if your part of a twin set goody four shoes. Remember Your mind wont argue as long as you respect people in general then the sky's the limit it really is that easy to be positive ... so get out your glass Half full of course and lets get moving on up in the world .

Self Discovery

    Self discovery does exactly what it says on the tin! You discover about your self and how you work, A bit like 

Driving a car for years and suddenly you're at the garage and the mechanic lifts the bonnet and you see all the pipes and shiny bits of metal and you think wow! I wonder what all that does.
 Learning about how your mind works is a fun thing and amazing when you feel the inner control and situations change in your life
that you actually  made happen your self ,you begin to feel better about yourself and life takes on a whole new meaning !

 Self expression is all about taking your ideas and making them into real things with your life .If your thinking Well I cant do that I am not a genius or I am no athlete
or Business is a muddle to me , Well think again as you do this practice through out the day anyway ! What ever you do in the day or night be it brush your teeth or iron some clothes or take the dog for a walk ,all of this is done mentally first then done physically second it is just all done so quick and fast this mental rehearsal we perform ,we are simply not aware of it going on. In its simplest form this classic quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson puts it simply into focus when he said

 "Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny"


new You

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